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Make Sure Your Military Documentation Is Backed Up

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Military service can be challenging, but being a veteran isn’t exactly easy. Although it’s possible to transition to a successful civilian lifestyle with little resistance, there are times when documentation of your career may be necessary. There are a lot of pages that could be lost or damaged as you move to your new lifestyle or present evidence to interested parties, but with a home document center under your control, you can keep your memories and past proof safe. Read More»

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Document For Online Printing

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Sending a document to an online printing company can be a great option when you need many copies of something made and don’t want to deplete your personal printer’s ink supply. Furthermore, an online printing company will have the equipment that you may not to achieve quality prints on things such as t-shirts, calendars, posters, and the like. Before you send a document off for printing, however, there are a few mistakes you’ll want to be sure to avoid. Read More»

Wish You Could Make Custom Fabric? 5 Easy Steps For Printing Your Own Designs

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Have you ever looked at fabric and wished you could create your own custom fabric pieces? You might be surprised to find out that you can. In fact, if you can create a design on your computer, you can print it onto a piece of light-colored fabric. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions for creating your own custom-designed fabric: Choose the Right Printer Before you out to create your own fabric pieces, you’ll need to make sure that your printer is compatible with fabric printing. Read More»