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Tips For Beverage Labels

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If you are selling beverages, you will want to ensure that your beverage labels stand apart from the others on the shelves. Your labels need to be clear and concise, yet interesting and bold. There is a lot of competition in the beverage industry, but hopefully, the following beverage label design tips will help you in creating and printing a label that sells your product effectively.

Utilize Clean, Simple, Accurate Health Information

Over the years, more and more people are beginning to turn to food and beverages that are healthier for them. Therefore, if you have not started thinking about creating a beverage that is better and healthier for the body, it may be time to do so. And when you do, make sure that this information is clearly articulated on your label. You may even want to consider using eco-conscious labels. Both of these can be huge selling points for your beverages and something to make clear on your custom beverage labels.

Focus on Clarity in Your Design

When it comes to your custom label, you will want to be bold and direct. When people are shopping in the grocery store, they are going up and down the aisles quickly so they can continue going about their day. Therefore, you need to ensure that your label stands out. Your label needs to be easy to notice when customers pass by it. It is also important that passersby do not need to stop and look closely in order to learn a lot about your beverage. Instead, your label needs to be simple and clear enough that someone will notice it immediately and not hesitate to pick it up and place it in their shopping cart.

Consider Transparent Label Materials

If you are selling a beverage that has an interesting or bold color to it, you may want to use that to your advantage and use clear label materials that will show off the beverage itself. This is minimalism at its best, allowing you to use your own product as advertising. To help your transparent label stand out a bit more or to create smaller labels to place elsewhere on the bottle, you can use die cutting to create unique shapes that will draw the eye's attention.

If you have any questions about custom label design and printing or would like to send your design off for professional printing, contact a custom label printing company in your area.