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Matte Laminated Eurototes Are Strong And Beautiful

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Matte laminated eurototes are a very chic and exclusive way to package your products after they are purchased. As a retail seller, you can customize these attractive totes with your business name, logo, and other identifying information. The strength and beauty of these totes make them highly desirable by today's retail customer. Here are some things to consider when ordering matte laminated eurototes from a company like The Bag Ladies to package your products: 

Eurotote Lamination:  The matte paper of the eurotote is securely laminated to the inside paper of the tote to give it strength and beauty. Many retailers choose to include a reinforced chipboard bottom to hold the shape of the tote and a reinforced chipboard top edge to give the tote more strength. These chipboard inclusions add to the overall luxury of the eurotote. 

Eurotote Colors:  Matte laminated eurototes are available in standard colors including white, black, tan, dark brown, dark blue, light blue, deep green, light green, deep red, orange, yellow, and purple. Contact your eurotote manufacturer for their standard eurotote colors and to see if they may be able to create totes for you in other custom colors.  

Eurotote Sizes:  Eurototes are available in many sizes from small jewelry and cosmetic totes to large tote sizes that can accommodate 2 or 3 pieces of clothing. Choose a size that can best fit your products allowing for the addition of a tissue paper insert to cushion the contents when carried in the tote.   

Eurotote Tissue Paper:  To secure the contents of the eurotote, a tissue paper insert can be used to protect the products and items carried in the tote. This tissue paper will cradle the contents and keep them from moving around in the tote. You can choose a tissue paper the same color as the matte paper of the tote or use another contrasting color to add interest. 

Eurotote Handle Choices:  The flexible handles on matte laminated eurototes can be made of soft rope, ribbon, twisted rope, and even braided rope. For a coordinated rich look, choose a handle color that matches the color of the matte laminated paper of the tote. 

Eurotote Customized Printing:  For an exclusive look, you can have your logo and name printed on the front of the tote. For maximum visibility, it is best to have your artwork and text centered on the tote with a contrasting ink color. Choose a graphic style that incorporates your logo. You can include your name, address, phone number, website address, and email address when printing your eurototes. Check with your eurotote manufacturer for their specific requirements to submit your artwork to be printed on your eurototes. 

Many customers love the strength and clean lines of these matte laminated eurototes and will often retain them to reuse when carrying other items. In this way, your customer can advertise your company and logo for a long time after they purchase your products.