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Three Paper Options For Flyers

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Distributing flyers can be an effective way to reach prospective customers or clients for your business. Sending them out in the mail can allow you to reach hundreds or even thousands of local residents, depending on your budget. Flyers are useful for all sorts of different businesses; if you're interested in using this method of advertising, your first step will be to have a local printing company design and print your custom flyers. One thing you'll appreciate is that you can choose from several different paper types, including the following.

High Gloss 

Flyers printed on high gloss paper can be impactful because of the shininess of the paper. If a local resident receives a few different flyers in a bundle and the majority of them are printed on plain paper, there's no doubt that your product will stand out because of its glossy finish. Some residents may discard other flyers without looking at them in favor of checking out your flyer because it has caught their eye. High gloss paper gives a high-end look to your flyers that may be a good fit if you operate a high-end brand.


Another paper choice for you to consider is metallic paper. This paper has a sparkly look that can also be helpful for making it stand out. Metallic paper is available in all sorts of different colors. It's ideal if you can choose a color that ties in well with your brand. For example, if you have a business that remodels classic travel trailers — which often have a highly polished stainless steel body — you might favor using silverish metallic paper because of how it matches the look of a classic travel trailer.


You might want your flyers printed on a type of paper that has a unique feel that people notice when they pick it up. A good option is textured paper. It tends to be thicker than other paper types, which can help it to stand apart. There are lots of different types of textured paper. Some products have a number of small bumps on the surface of the paper, while others have lines or ridges. The result is a high-quality feel that can work well for several different business types. When you're ready to order some custom flyers for distribution in your local area, contact a company like Debbie's Copy Shop to discuss all your options.