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3 Reasons You Should Consider Managed Print Services For Your Business

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If printing is an integral part of your business, your print management approach is probably inefficient and costly. For instance, if you use local printers, they can only serve a single person at a time. As a result, you have to buy many printers to cater to your large workforce. However, managing many local printers means higher maintenance costs for your business. 

Hiring managed print services can make your print management more efficient and affordable. Managed print services involve handing over the management of your printers to another company for a monthly fee. 

Hiring a managed print service can provide several benefits for your business. Here are three reasons you should consider enlisting in managed print services. 

1. Improve Productivity

A managed print services provider assesses your printing needs and figures out how to improve your print management. 

For instance, if you are using local printers that only serve one person at a time, the managed print provider can help you by creating a printer network. A network of printers is more efficient than using several local printers. 

Managing print services help improve your business's productivity by making such changes. Thus, employees no longer waste time with slow printers or wait in line to get their printing done. 

2. Save money

Managing your printers in-house is an expensive affair. In-house print management involves:

  • Scheduling maintenance services for the printers
  • Sourcing and changing different toners
  • Conducting repairs and component replacements when the printers malfunction or break down

All these are expenses that eat away at your business's bank account. Thus, managing your print operation in-house can affect your business's profit margins. 

You significantly minimize your print management expenses if you opt for managed print services. Managed print service companies cater to multiple businesses simultaneously. As a result, these companies can extend the economies of scale they enjoy to their clients. 

The monthly fee charged is more affordable than managing your printers in-house. Hence, hiring a managed print service saves you money.

3. Downtime 

A major disadvantage of managing your printers in-house is downtime. For instance, when printers break down or run out of toner, printing comes to a halt. As a result, employees experience downtime while waiting for a toner refill or printer repairs. 

Managed print services can help you avoid downtime by using automated monitoring systems. The automated printer monitoring system keeps track of printer toner levels and alerts your service provider when the toner is low. Hence, your service provider can schedule a toner refill in advance. 

Furthermore, the print monitoring system keeps track of any potential issues in the printers. Thus, the system alerts your service provider of the potential issues before they materialize. A technician will then check and sort out the potential issue before it becomes a problem. 

Thus, managed print services can help your business avoid downtime resulting from printer issues by anticipating and resolving potential problems before they materialize. 

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