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Use Sorority-Branded Congratulations Cards And Other Stationery To Stay In Touch And Build Your Network

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Was your sorority or Greek life a big part of your time in college? Did you serve in an officer position or a position of power while in school? If you are now entrusted with staying in touch with your sisters as you all make your way out into the world, you may be thinking up ways to maintain a strong network in order to keep your old college friends and colleagues in touch and assist each other as everyone moves on to the next phase of life. 

One option you might want to look into could be to get some Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards or other stationery that features your sorority's logo or colors. Here's how periodically sending out congratulations cards, thank you letters, and other themed stationery can help you maintain your sorority's network.

Congratulations Are Always Appreciated and Might Encourage Someone to Pay It Forward

Did someone in your alumni network get a job after reaching out to a former friend for a reference? If the reference was provided through your sorority's network, a card or letter at the right time can remind the person about the help they received, and it might make them more likely to reach out in an attempt to help others in the future. If you build a strong enough network or connection with your former colleagues or friends, then your group's social media page or e-mail list may be the first place people decide to go when looking to fill a new position. This could benefit all of your sisters and the organization over time by getting the first crack at the best jobs or best chances at a high-paying promotion.

Periodic Reminders of the Sisterhood May Help Everyone Stay Close as the Years Go By

Even if you don't use your organization's social media for job assistance or postings, you may still be hoping that some alumni will reach out to support the organization financially in the years ahead. Getting a congratulations card or some other type of letter featuring your sorority's logo or masthead in the years to come may serve as an occasional pleasant reminder of someone's time in college and may, over time, make the member more likely to contact you or respond if you should ever reach out to all members about the next fundraising drive. Think about your purchase of this stationery not as an expense but as an investment that could pay off over time by keeping more members engaged with your organization, even as they get further and further removed from their sorority days. 

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