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Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas

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If you want truly one-of-a-kind wedding invitations, skip the store-bought versions and make them yourself. By designing your own invitations, you can completely customize them to reflect the look, feel, and theme of your big day. As another benefit, you may even be able to save money by creating them yourself.

Handmade invitations are ideal for small, intimate wedding ceremonies, since they have more of a personalized touch than their traditional printed counterparts. Wedding invitations give your guests the first peak into your upcoming nuptials, so design ones that stand out and hint at all of the magic that the day will hold.

Here are a few handmade wedding invitation ideas to consider:

1. Embellishments 

Adorning your invitations with small, inexpensive embellishments is an easy way to give them a personalized look. You can also choose items that coordinate with the overall theme of your wedding, such as tiny seashells for a beach-themed ceremony, or gemstones for a glamorous, old Hollywood-style event.

Simply cut your invitations out of high-quality card stock, write the event details on them using a marker or pen, and then use a hot glue gun to affix the items to the front. Hold small embellishments with tweezers to avoid burning your fingers with the glue. 

2. Fabric

Another sweet, crafty way of enhancing homemade wedding invitations is with a bit of fancy fabric. As one example, cut rectangular-shaped invitations out of card stock. Print the event logistics on the top half, and attach a piece of fitted fabric on the bottom half using spray-on adhesive glue. Carefully press the fabric onto the paper for a smooth, even application.

Romantic, wedding-inspired fabric ideas include cream or white lace, classic pink-and-white or back-and-white toile, and silky satin. You can also use the wedding theme as fabric inspiration, such burlap or netting for a beach style or floral-patterned cotton for a garden soiree. 

3. Handmade Paper

Handmade flower paper is about as romantic as it gets. You make it by combining small pieces of scrap paper and warm water in a blender, adding it to more water to create a slurry, and then scooping it up in a handheld craft screen. Allow the excess water to drain, press the mixture flat onto the screen, and then allow it to dry and harden on a towel. 

You can add bits of dried rose petals into the slurry to create flower-embedded paper for your invitations. As a unique, eco-friendly option, mix flower and plant seeds into the slurry, and instruct guests to plant the paper invitations in a pot or yard after the wedding. 

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