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3 Tips For Designing An Effective Rack Card

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As a business owner, you probably understand just how important advertising is, but are you really advertising to your full potential? In this "popcorn society," nearly everyone is in a hurry. Traditional methods of advertising like radio commercials or long ads might not be as effective. One overlooked advertising option are rack cards. In a nutshell, rack cards are a cross between a brochure and a business card. When designed correctly, a rack card can provide a wealth of information in a fast and easy to read format. Below are three tips for designing a rack card for your business.


A creative font is a great way to make your rack card look more appealing, but it can also serve as a distraction. If the font style is too hard to read it can be a turn-off. You want to choose options that immediately capture the reader's attention, but that they can also read quickly.

Rockwell, Garamond, Century Gothic and Felix Tilting are just some of the clean, crisp and easy to read options you should consider. Remember, the idea isn't just to grab a potential customer's attention, but to also keep it.


It's also a good idea to multipurpose when it comes to the design of your card. The rack card can inform potential customers about your business, but when you multipurpose, the rack card can also help bring customers in the door. One way to accomplish this is to include a coupon on the bottom of the card.


When it comes to the graphics and pictures that you include on your rack card, make sure you are creating a visual picture of your business. Don't put meaningless or generic pictures on your card. Take a burger restaurant, for example. It would be more effective to include a picture of an actual customer eating one of their burgers than it would be a generic stock photo. The actual photos help the customer create a visual picture of your product and space. If you don't use a photo, at least make sure your brand logo is heavily represented.

Don't underestimate the benefit a professional printing company like M13 Graphics can afford you. Many printers are able to offer you far more than just printing services, they can also assist with the design process. With their skill and experience, you can have a rack card that is highly effective at bringing new customers through your door.