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How To Design Inserts That Get The Attention You Want

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If you are designing inserts to be printed, you want to keep a few tips in mind so you know the inserts are going to be given the proper attention. If you don't design the inserts correctly, they can be looked over by most and quickly find their way into the nearest trash can. Follow the tips in this article to design an insert you'll be proud of and that gives you the response you are after.

Use at least four colors

You want your insert to be an attention grabber. Printing one that only has a couple of colors isn't going to capture a person's attention the way you want it to. Four colors will allow you to be very detailed with regards to your graphics and fonts.

Get to the point

The front side of your insert should get right to the point. If the purpose of the insert is to offer a discount, then state this in bold print where it will be the first thing noticed. If its purpose is to advertise a model home, then have a picture of that home in the center and state the home's selling points right away.

Use the back for more information

If you need to place a map on the insert, or other information, you can use the back side of the insert to print this information. This will allow you to use the front of the insert for those attention grabbing words and pictures that make the point of the insert obvious.

Put information where it's expected to be

People get used to looking for information where they expect it to be. Business names should be at the top of your insert. The address, phone numbers and business hours should be printed on the bottom portion of the insert.

Consider going with glossy paper

Shiny paper tends to draw the eye more than regular paper. This is why going with a shiny insert may work in your favor. It also helps to display the colors in a brighter manner, which can help if you are advertising something very colorful.

When you follow the tips in this article, you will have an easier time designing your inserts. Once they are done printing, you can insert them into your flyers and know people are going to be drawn to the inserts. The more attention the inserts get, the better results you will see. Work with an insert printing company, like Flottman Company, to design inserts that garner the attention your business or event deserves.